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Most of these parts are rare and not reproduced, and this isn't Wal-Mart. When an item goes, it's gone, and I can't just re-order - I have to go hunt another one down. Items come and go constantly, so if there's something on this list you want, please contact me. I'll do my best to help you out.

Engine Inventory

1966 Olds 400 tripower set upMore Info
Pontiac V8 Motor Frame Mounts 64-72More Info
Pontiac V8 Motor Frame Mounts 64-72More Info
71-72 GTO Ram Air cleanerMore Info
""" Buick Alumn valve covers NOT 4 SALEMore Info
70 340 6-Pack Heads U Code Cuda AAR TA Mopar Challenger More Info
Buick Nailhead Valve CoversMore Info
A/C Spacers for PontiacMore Info
65-66 401 Buick Skylark GS Motor MountsMore Info
66 TriPower CompleteMore Info
Heads Hi Performance 1969 #62More Info
Heads 1972 400 Hi Performance 7K3More Info
SD 455 BlockMore Info
SD 455 Cylinder HeadsMore Info
SD 455 IntakeMore Info
Connecting RodsMore Info
Bell Housing & Flywheel & ForkMore Info
1961 389 SD / 425 Trophy A Block More Info
1966 O93 Heads More Info
Buick GS Valve CoversMore Info
67 OHC Sprint EngineMore Info
Pontiac Smog Pump / BracketMore Info
68 Pontiac V8 A/C SetupMore Info
Buick GS 401 Exhaust ManifoldMore Info
Firebird Trans Am A/C BracketMore Info
65 Pontiac V8 A/C SetupMore Info
OHC Alternator/Power Steering BracketMore Info
Radiator 66 GTO w/ A/CMore Info
70 GTO 455 HO WA Motor w/ TransmissionMore Info
1971 455 HO Round Port Heads #197More Info
093 Pontiac Heads 1966 More Info
70 GTO 455 HO Distributor More Info
69 to Early 70 Pontiac A/C SetupMore Info
Tach Drive Distributor ChevyMore Info
Ram Air Distributor 1111270More Info
70 GTO 455 HO CarbMore Info
Olds Exhaust ManifoldsMore Info
RA Round Port Exhaust ManifoldsMore Info
Pontiac Cylinder Heads 421 SD #980More Info
Pontiac Cylinder Heads #670More Info
Pontiac Cylinder Heads #16More Info
Pontiac 421 Block & HeadsMore Info
Pontiac Cylinder Heads #62More Info
Corvette / Z28 Factory Aluminum Valve CoversMore Info
Corvette Aluminum Valve Covers FactoryMore Info
421 SD HeadsMore Info
Cranks 400 455 More Info
Pontiac Heads More Info
Olds Big Block 4bbl ManifoldMore Info
Pontiac BlocksMore Info
GTO Fan ShroudsMore Info
Pontiac Heads More Info
Pontiac 4bbl IntakesMore Info
64 421 More Info
Forged Super Duty RodsMore Info
421 SD Dual Quad Intake ManifoldMore Info
Factory Aluminum SD 4bbl IntakeMore Info
SD Intakes MT Cross Ram TriPower etc.More Info
Large Journal 4 bolt main caps PontiacMore Info
421 HO Exhaust Manifolds / Elbow / Oil AdapterMore Info
Offenhauser Aluminum TriPower IntakeMore Info
1964 GTO TriPower IntakeMore Info
TriPower Pontiac SetupMore Info
Corvette 327 Factory Aluminum IntakeMore Info
Pontiac Mickey Thompson Cross Ram Dual Quad IntakeMore Info
66 GTO TriPower SetupMore Info
Weiand Drag Star 6 Carb Intake SetupMore Info
BBC Air Conditioning Brackets & CompressorMore Info
74 Z28 350 CMS Code More Info
1977 Trans Am 4bbl IntakeMore Info
1969 OHC Sprint 6 w/ Muncie TransmissionMore Info
Pontiac Aluminum IntakesMore Info
1963 Pontiac Tripower ManifoldMore Info
BBC Steel Crank 396 427More Info
1964 Pontiac 4bbl Intake ManifoldMore Info
Olds Dual Exhaust Manifold 442 Z CodeMore Info
Olds Full-Size Dual Exhaust Manifolds RAREMore Info
421 428 4-Bolt Main CapsMore Info
1968 #16 HeadsMore Info
65-70 Pontiac V8 Power Steering BracketsMore Info
1966 421 EngineMore Info
454 Crank 91 & UpMore Info
Pontiac 389 ArmaSteel CrankMore Info
1964 Olds 330 4bbl 4-speed motorMore Info
1965 GTO TriPower Intake ManifoldMore Info
66 GTO 4bbl Throttle CableMore Info
454 4 bolt main block & cast crankMore Info
1965 Pontiac TriPower Engine CompleteMore Info
Mopar 426 Hemi Air Cleaner (Early)More Info
1964 GTO Power Steering PumpMore Info
1967 383 High Performance Mopar EngineMore Info
64-65 Pontiac Tripower Air CleanerMore Info
Pontiac Aluminum FlywheelMore Info
Pontiac High Performance HeadsMore Info
Pontiac FlywheelsMore Info
Edelbrock Performer (Pontiac) IntakeMore Info
TriPower Air CleanerMore Info
1964 Cutlass 442 F85 330 4bbl EngineMore Info
1964 442 Dual Snorkel Air CleanerMore Info
Pontiac MT Valve CoversMore Info
1964 GTO TriPower SetupMore Info
1967 GTO Q-Jet #262More Info
Pontiac Full-Size TriPower Air CleanerMore Info
Pontiac 428 4-bolt main blockMore Info
1964 GTO 716 Heads / Complete TriPower SetupMore Info
1972 Pontiac 7K3 headsMore Info
1972 Pontiac 4bbl IntakeMore Info
Pontiac MotorsMore Info
Chevy 454 4-bolt mainMore Info
Mopar 440 383 Exhaust ManifoldsMore Info
1968 BBC HeadsMore Info
1969 BBC Exhaust Manifold, Left hand sideMore Info
Assorted FansMore Info
Tri Power CarburatorsMore Info
Pontiac M/T Valve CoversMore Info
454 CrankshaftsMore Info
BBC EnginesMore Info
454 4-bolt main BBCMore Info
Chevy BBC HeadsMore Info
67 396 325hp MotorMore Info
Camaro SS 396 Motor MountMore Info
Chevy BBC 396 427 Air CleanerMore Info
Pontiac 428 Nodular CrankMore Info
Pontiac V8 1970 Intake Manifold More Info
Pontiac V8 Oil Reflectors 67-72 High PerformanceMore Info
Pontiac V8 69-Early 70 A/C SetupMore Info
65 Pontiac V8 Air Conditioning Parts (Engine)More Info
Buick 3.8 Turbocharged EngineMore Info
1971 454 BBC HeadsMore Info
Pontiac V8 Alternator BracketsMore Info
1964-65 Pontiac V8 Timing Chain CoverMore Info
Chevy HEI Distributor SBC & BBCMore Info
Pontiac V8 HEI DistributorMore Info
1970 GTO Pontiac AC SetupMore Info
1967 GTO Power Steering PumpMore Info
1972 GTO Air Conditioning SetupMore Info
NOS Chrome Valve Cover Air BreatherMore Info
1965 GTO TriPower Intake/WaterneckMore Info
67 GTO/Firebird 400 Chrome Air CleanerMore Info
1966 GTO / Pontiac 4bbl IntakeMore Info
Pontiac 3-deuce (tripower) Air Cleaner BaseMore Info
67 Pontiac GTO/400 Firebird/428 HO IntakeMore Info
68-72 4-core radiator GTOMore Info
69 Pontiac 4bbl IntakeMore Info
69 GTO 400 YS Code #62 HeadsMore Info
1969 GTO/Firebird Ram Air CarbMore Info
1970 Pontiac 4bbl Intake ManifoldMore Info
1969 428 More Info
455 PontiacMore Info
1966 GTO 389 More Info
1969 428 More Info
65 Chevelle SS Radiator/Shroud 327More Info
Pontiac Tri-Power Intake off 66 GTOMore Info
428 HO/Ram Air Balancer HubMore Info
1970 GTO Manual Steering Pulleys/Alternator BracketMore Info
Pontiac std flywheel 10.5"More Info
1972 400 QuadraJet Intake/Carb off GTO/Grand Prix/FirebirdMore Info
1967 Grand Prix/Full-size 400 AFB Intake/CarbMore Info
Pontiac 7-blade AC FanMore Info
BBC Exhaust Manifolds (non-smog)More Info
1967 670 HeadsMore Info
Chevy HEI for BBC & SBCMore Info
Pontiac Edelbrock Performer Intake ManifoldMore Info
Pontiac 389/400/421/428/455 windage trayMore Info
Pontiac/GTO 66-67 Timing Chain CoverMore Info
Pontiac/GTO 69-70 Timing Chain CoverMore Info
Pontiac/GTO 1972 4bbl Intake ManifoldMore Info
Pontiac GTO/Firebird #670 Heads RebuiltMore Info
Pontiac GTO/Firebird Valley Pan 67 & olderMore Info
Edelbrock Carburetor, like newMore Info
BBC Bell HousingMore Info
442 CarbMore Info
1966 or 1967 Pontiac Timing Chain CoverMore Info
1968 GTO Ram Air Exhaust D-portMore Info
Chevy SS 11" flywheel BBC or SBCMore Info
442 Olds 400 455 350 11" flywheel stdMore Info
1968 Hurst Olds 442 carbMore Info
Windage TrayMore Info
1966 Olds 442 Tri-PowerMore Info
1969 Pontiac Full-size 428/400 4-bbl air cleanerMore Info
Pontiac 6" Forged Steel Connecting RodsMore Info
1961-1962 Pontiac Moon Valve CoversMore Info
Early Buick 4-spd shifterMore Info
1969 Corvette 427 Oval-Port IntakeMore Info
1967 GTO Throttle Cable BracketMore Info
Pontiac 4 bbl IntakeMore Info
Pontiac 4bbl IntakeMore Info
Pontiac 4-bbl IntakeMore Info
1972 Pontiac Hi-Po Heads 7K3More Info
1968 442 Cruise ControlMore Info
1967 L88 427 430hp Square Port IntakeMore Info
1972 GTO/Firebird/Pontiac 7K3 HeadsMore Info
66-68 Chevy 396 aircleaner More Info
1972 455 Pontiac motor More Info
64-65 + 66-67 pontiac timing coversMore Info
66-68 442 dual exhaust manifolds More Info
61-62 Pontiac MOON valve covers More Info
67 HO/Ram Air exhaust manifolds More Info
1963 tri power intake More Info
1970 455 HO Heads #64More Info
1959-1960 Pontiac 389 4bbl IntakeMore Info
1958 Pontiac 370 4bbl IntakeMore Info
BBC Exhaust ManifoldsMore Info
1968-1969 427 430hp L88/ZL1 IntakeMore Info
64 and older dual quad intake and waterneckMore Info
BBC M/T valve coversMore Info
1967 GTO/Firebird 400 IntakeMore Info
1965-1967 Non PS GTO Alternator AssemblyMore Info
1965-1979 Pontiac intake manifold More Info
1971 455 HO factory intakeMore Info
1970-1971 Intake manifold. Part #3972116More Info
Large journal 4- bolt main capsMore Info
1967 GTO ram air exhaust manifoldsMore Info
1967 Q-jet intakeMore Info
1965-1979 Pontiac Holley Street DominatorMore Info
Pontiac 4-bbl intakeMore Info
Holley 3 bbl 427 Phase3More Info
Pontiac Forged steel rodsMore Info