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Most of these parts are rare and not reproduced, and this isn't Wal-Mart. When an item goes, it's gone, and I can't just re-order - I have to go hunt another one down. Items come and go constantly, so if there's something on this list you want, please contact me. I'll do my best to help you out.

Transmission Inventory

OHC flywheel 66-69More Info
Flywheel Bolts 59-60 pontiacMore Info
Flywheel 59-60 Pontiac More Info
Clutch Fork 59-60 Pontiac More Info
Bellhousing 1959 1960 PontiacMore Info
OHC Bell Housing 66-69 Part #9783111More Info
TH 400 Shifter Cable BracketsMore Info
65-67 Buick Skylark Shift LeversMore Info
Buick Nailhead 65-66 Skylark Clutch SetupMore Info
Shifter Plates & LinkageMore Info
Auto Shifter 66 GTO More Info
68-72 GTO LeMans Tempest Clutch Pedal AssemblyMore Info
61-62 Pontiac Full Size Clutch Pedal AssemblyMore Info
Clutch Pedals / Linkage / Z-Bar CamaroMore Info
Buick Bell Housing More Info
Misc. Shifter PlatesMore Info
Pontiac / Chevy Aluminum FlywheelsMore Info
65 66 GTO 3-speed Hurst Shifter SetupMore Info
Chevy Aluminum Flywheel More Info
Chevy SS Muncie 4 Speed ShifterMore Info
Floor Hump for Stick Shift GTOMore Info
4 Speed Muncie ShifterMore Info
Muncie M20 69 Camaro More Info
Muncie Shifter More Info
Complete 4 speed Conversion Z28 Trans AmMore Info
Super T10 Borg Warner TransmissionMore Info
Pontiac Bell HousingsMore Info
1965 66 Pontiac 2+2 4-speed ShifterMore Info
1966-69 OHC 6 Bell HousingMore Info
GTO Z-barMore Info
Misc. Chevy Pontiac Olds Buick Bell HousingsMore Info
Mopar Hemi 18-spline 4-speed B-bodyMore Info
1964 Buick V8 Bell HousingMore Info
69 Camaro / Early Firebird Shifter PlateMore Info
64-67 GTO Hurst Shifter PlateMore Info
1968 Pontiac Full Size 4-Speed Setup - More PicturesMore Info
1968 Pontiac Full Size 4-Speed SetupMore Info
Pontiac Full Size Muncie 4-speedMore Info
67-69 Firebird 69 Camaro ShifterMore Info
1969 Camaro 4-speed shifter with linkageMore Info
67-69 Firebird 69 Camaro ShifterMore Info
1964 GTO Bench Seat 4-speed shifter/linkageMore Info
1966 GTO Clutch Pedals / Rod / Z-barMore Info
BBC Bell Housing #621More Info
66 Chevelle SS Clutch Pedals & Z-barMore Info
BB Mopar Bell HousingMore Info
64 65 MuncieMore Info
67-69 Firebird 69 Camaro 4-speed shifterMore Info
64-65 Muncie #325 caseMore Info
Mopar Hemi 4-speed 18-splineMore Info
1964 GTO LeMans 2-speed TransmissionMore Info
64 Borg Warner T10 Tail HousingMore Info
1968 GTO Muncie w/shifter, linkage, all pedals & z-barMore Info
1964 Corvette M21 Muncie TransmissionMore Info
69 GTO 4-speed shifterMore Info
Oldsmobile Flywheel & Bell HousingMore Info
Chevy #3858403 Bell HousingMore Info
AMC AMX T10 TransmissionMore Info
Chevelle GTO Clutch PedalsMore Info
Muncie Transmissions, disassembledMore Info
Chevy 454 Std FlywheelMore Info
1969 Camaro / Firebird Clutch Pedals & Z-barMore Info
67 - 69 Camaro 4-spd Cross MemberMore Info
65-67 Chevelle SS 4-spd Shifter & LinkageMore Info
69 Camaro / Firebird Clutch Pedal SetupMore Info
Muncie - Second PicturesMore Info
Muncie - First PicturesMore Info
BBC 621 Casting Bell HousingsMore Info
1965 Chevelle M20 Muncie More Info
67 - 69 Firebird / Camaro Clutch Pedals / LinkageMore Info
67-69 Camaro / Firebird Z-barMore Info
1965-67 Nova SS L79 V8 Bell HousingMore Info
HD Muncie TransmissionMore Info
Pontiac std flywheel boltsMore Info
68-72 GTO Clutch LinkageMore Info
Pontiac Bell HousingMore Info
78 Trans Am Clutch Pedals, Z-bar & boot plateMore Info
Chevy SS 427/396/454 11" Clutch Bell HousingMore Info
Chevy SS 427/396/454 11" Clutch Bell HousingMore Info
Olds Std Flywheel 400/455More Info
442/GTO/SS clutch fork , early70's late 60'sMore Info
Factory Hurst 4-spd shifter, mopar?More Info
Full-size Pontiac Muncie shifter plateMore Info
1969/older 442 shift handleMore Info
1970-1972 442 Console shifterMore Info
1967 GTO/Tempest 4-spd shifterMore Info
Misc. Muncie Factory Shift LinkageMore Info
1967-1969 Firebird/Camaro 68-74 Nova 4-spd X memberMore Info
1964-1967 Chevelle Console Shifter/PartsMore Info
Muncie m21 partsMore Info
65-66 GTO 4spd shifter w/linkageMore Info
73-77 A body , GTO, Can AM , Chevelle etc More Info
Muncie shift handleMore Info
65 Fullsize Pontiac 4spd shifterMore Info
1967 GTO Z-BarMore Info
70-72 442 4spd shifter More Info
67 GTO 4spd shifter More Info
64 GTO 4spd shifterMore Info
1967 GTO 3-speed ShifterMore Info
454 standard flywheel, resurfacedMore Info
Muncie M20 case# 3851325More Info
1969 Camaro shifterMore Info
1967 to 1970 Chevy 3-spd shifterMore Info
1964-1969 GS 4-spd shifterMore Info
Camaro/Z28 1969 4-speed shifterMore Info
Hurst Shift Plate for Muncie TransmissionMore Info
1973 NOS GTO More Info
1967 GTO His/Hers ShifterMore Info